24/7 Alarm & CCTV Monitoring Services

AlarmControl24 is a state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) servicing the requirements of the Ireland’s independent electronic security installers. Certified and licensed to the highest standards we provide remote electronic security monitoring services to thousands of homes and businesses across Ireland and the UK.

These services range from standard intruder and fire alarm monitoring, to long range radio monitoring and Remotewatch™ Live CCTV monitoring. Our monitoring experts have been trained to exceptionally high standards, Garda vetted and individually licensed by the Private Security Authority (PSA).

We provide intruder alarm monitoring using digital communicator, single/dual path grade 2 – 4 as well as IP signalling types, depending on your end users specific requirements.

How the system is set up dictates our response to the alarm signal – be it inform the Gardai (if a Unique Reference Number is attached) or simply call a keyholder.

We look after your hard earned customers by providing a professional, efficient service at all times – 24/7/365.

24/7 Monitoring Services

Remotewatch™ Live CCTV

We aim to provide professional advice and expert guidance in determining the best security solution for you and your customers.

Our Remotewatch™ Live HD CCTV solution offers remote CCTV monitoring with cutting edge technology. We use a form of Live CCTV monitoring which analyses the images presented to our operators . The technology ascertains whether it is a true alarm or a false alarm (e.g. a blowing tree). The advantage? Operator time is focused on real activations. This means quicker response time and a more efficient monitoring of your customers home or business.


Remotewatch™ Live CCTV and how it works
Our monitoring software detects unauthorised activity

Our monitoring software detects unauthorised activity

Our software detects any unauthorised movement on your site and distinguishes between threats and false alarms.
Our monitoring platform interprets the activity

Our monitoring platform interprets the activity

Within seconds our software interprets the threat and sends an alert to our monitoring centre.
Audio warning to intruder

Audio warning to intruder

Our CCTV operator issues an audible personalised warning to intruders.
Client Protocol Followed

Client Protocol Followed

Agreed protocols implemented e.g. Gardai/emergency services or keyholders notified by our CCTV operator.
Incident Report Produced

Incident Report Produced

We ensure property is safe and send a detailed incident report keeping clients informed and in control.

What our Customers are saying

Excellent security firm. Super 24 hour watch. Team answer immediately and always so helpful and sympathetic to why an alarm has gone off. Wonderful team.

Why choose the AlarmControl24 ARC

Dedicated, experienced, professional monitoring staff
State of the art alarm receiving centre,
certified to the European Standard EN50518, the highest level an ARC can receive.
Fast response time to your calls and queries
Free Smartphone App for your engineers to test systems
Personal and professional service for your customers
We will answer the phone in your companies name
(e.g. “Hello, ABC Alarms”)
Competitive pricing structure
Licensed by COMREG, we are the only EN-50136 certified radio monitoring solution in Ireland
Provider of Remotewatch™ Live CCTV monitoring service
We will provide you with marketing tools to help your sales leads
Manufacturer products that we monitor